Web Development

I constantly am working on random personal projects but very few of them come to fruition. Here are a few that seemed to have some promise:

Ormos with some data typed in to demonstrate look up


April 2023

An application designed to help Magic: the Gathering store-owners look up cards to identify in which binders the cards might be stored.

Link to ApplicationLink to Code


There are some projects that showed some promise at the time and are “Done” but are not really worth showing off. I have them listed here for historical reference, but they aren’t something I’m excited about anymore.

Goblin Mode game play

Goblin Mode

January 2023

A game where you try to manage your goblin horde as they try to escape a demon accidentally released from the depths of their home. Far from polished, this was done as an experiment to de-risk some work for the 2023 7-Day Roguelike challenge.

Link to ApplicationLink to Code